Looking Forward to the New Year

There have been many things to be thankful for in this past year. God has been at work and I have seen him in many different ways this past year. He has opened my eyes to personal changes that I need to make as a man, a husband, a father, and a Pastor. He has also helped me to see changes that he wants us to make as a church whose only goal is to glorify him.

It is to these changes that I would like to speak today.

I have divided the changes into three areas that I believe that God has directed:

1. We need to work to continuously introduce the world to the message of the Gospel. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of, “if we build it they will come” and forget that Jesus taught, “God out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” To this end we are going to look at every way we can to get this message of life in front of a lost world that so desperately needs it!

2. We must continuously instruct the believer in the life that God has left us to live while in this world. So much could be said here, but suffice it to say we are told to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” and it is the churches responsibility to see to it that this is done. No believer can be the witness God intends if they are not in a constant state of learning and growth.

3. We must continuously offer opportunities for God’s people to get involved in the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4) Without church-wide involvement in these areas, the power of God will be diminished and God will cease to be glorified.

I believe that if we will focus on these three things, God will be glorified above all things, that we will have the best year in our church’s history, and that everyone of us will find our place in the service of the King!

Let’s pray for God’s power, wisdom, and blessings as we set out in 2018 to serve him!!

Pastor Wellman

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