Stay True to the Melody

Wooden crossOne of the few things I have learned about music is that when performing it (whether vocally or instrumentally) you need to always stay true to the melody. You can add your own “flare” to the arrangement as long as you stay true to the melody.

As I have thought about this over the course of this week before Easter, I have been convicted of the need to stay “true to the melody” when it comes to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. With all the made for TV movies about the resurrection that have been aired (or will be aired) this week, the need to stay true to the melody becomes all that much more important.

The message of the resurrection is a simple one:

God created the world for his glory and with his plan in mind. Mankind, in the person of Adam and Eve, sinned against Holy God and all of creation was cursed for their sake. All people born to Adam and Eve along with their progeny throughout all the ages live under the bonds of the curse. As sinners we are condemned to a life lived in our own strength and eternity without God in the lake of fire.

But God, who loves all of his creation, created a way of escape from the curse that rests on us all. He would come in the form of his Son, Jesus Christ, live a sinless life, die a substitutionary¬† death, and resurrect as proof of God’s power to free us from the curse.

The resurrection, therefore, tells us three stories:

  1. Mankind is wandering through life in the midst of a curse. (Even if they don’t know, understand, or believe it.)
  2. The curse and the unbelief that it spawns, has condemned mankind to a life apart from God their Creator.
  3. God’s plan to redeem mankind from the curse required an eternal price be paid to satisfy the penalty of the curse. And, Jesus’ resurrection is proof to all who will see that the price has been paid!

So, as Easter dawns tomorrow, consider yourself. Do you recognize the familiar melody of the resurrection song? Have you responded to the call of this melody? Are you staying true to it as you live life day by day?

If you don’t know and/or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

Have a Blessed Easter,

Dave Wellman, Pastor

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