Holiday Season Thoughts

Hand writes the word thank youThis week is the beginning of what everyone calls the “Holiday Season.” It is a time when it seems like two worlds come crashing together. One is the world of reflection and contemplation and the other is the world of abject consumerism. At first look they seem to be polar opposites. Thanksgiving and Christmas are quiet and reflective times considering our gratefulness as Americans and the wonder of the gracious gift of God through his Son Jesus. But, these times have also given way to the hustle of Black Friday and the official start of the most commericalized and consumer driven time of the year where merchants make up to half their years revenue/profits.

I am not suggesting that we not participate in all that the season has to offer, but I am suggesting that we keep firmly in mind the truth behind all the goings on. We live in a country whose whole existence is a direct result of the God of heaven and we need to remember His worldview in how we live in the freedom He affords. We also need to remember that amidst the gift giving,  the Christmas programs, the hustle and bustle of the season, that the birth of Jesus, God incarnate, the Saviour of the world is the reason we celebrate at all! Don’t let the season dictate your behavior, rather, allow Christ to rule in your hearts and make this “Holiday Season” be a beautiful testimony of God in your home, your neighborhood, your community, your church, and to the whole world!

Happy Holidays,

Dave Wellman, Pastor
Crossroads Independent Baptist Church

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