Remember That God is in Control

Earth SunriseWe have experienced a very sad moment this week with the home going of one of our church family. John has lived for years with MS and this week his body succumbed to the debilitating nature of this disease.

This said, he told me something that I wanted to share with everyone who will read this post. We were talking the other day and he told me that while he knew his strength was fading and that he knew he was going to soon pass from this life, he also knew that he was going to be healed. When I looked at him with a puzzled look, he told me his thought.

He said that, as a believer, he had received eternal life. Some of that would be lived in this world, but the vast majority of it was to be lived in the next. That being true he knew his prayer to be healed was going to be answered in the affirmative. The healing would come however in the next life.

The sad part of that view is that his family was going to have to give him up for their prayer of healing to be answered. The wondrous part is that John had determined that God is in control and that if he had to pass into eternity in order to be healed, he was satisfied that God had made his decision with John’s best in mind. John had given himself over to the will of God and was comforted more and more by God’s control on his life.

He knew that his departure would bring hurt and sadness for his family, but he also trusted that the same God who gave him peace would give them comfort and rest. He was convinced that God was/is in control.

I was strengthened by his faith and will be able to lean on his understanding when struggles seek to rob me of my faith. My only purpose in telling this story is to remind us all that God is in charge no matter what he requires of us. We need to remember that and trust God in every circumstance in life. Thanks John for giving you Pastor a new perspective on an old struggle!

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  1. John is my brother. Thank you for sharing his words. He was epically brilliant. His devotion and his belief in God was one of his greatest loves. I find comfort in knowing that he took his Stairway to Heaven with grace and dignity and love and peace. Thank you also for being by his side for many of his last hours allowing him to share these amazing thoughts . I find great comfort in this as well.
    My most sincere Regards,
    Deby Stevens

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