All In – 2014

All In LogoI believe that we are living in the most critical time in history. It seems that everything in scripture that speaks of the end times is becoming clearer and clearer in our day. It also seems that people are more aware of the “spiritual” world and while they don’t understand it or how to incorporate it into their everyday living, they are curious to know more.

These truths place us in a time like no other and provide us with opportunities to serve God in ways we have never seen before. But for us to make the most of these opportunities, we must make the choice to go “all in.” We must say to God, “I am yours Lord and I will yield to whatever you ask me to do whenever you ask, for as long as you ask!”

When we are “all in” people will see five things in us:

  1. We will be seen as people who trust God’s word in all things.
  2. We will be seen as people of prayer by all those around us.
  3. We will be seen as people who live quietly and humbly before our God.
  4. We will be seen as people who understand what it means to love both God and our neighbors.
  5. We will be seen as people who can be counted on and trusted in all matters of life and living.

As we grow into a church (churches) that represents these characteristics of being “all in” God will be able to empower us to be more sound and committed witnesses of him in these exciting times.

Are you ready to go “all in?”

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