At Crossroads we believe that God loves every man, woman, and chid that he has created. God’s love has never been the issue. Sin is the issue! Yet, even though “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God…” he still seeks us all with his whole heart.

At Crossroads three words express our purpose in the simplest of ways. The three words are introduce, instruct, and involve. We believe that our church should introduce the Lord Jesus Christ to the world, then instruct those who believe in the amazing truths of the word of God so that they will get involved in the work of the ministry.

If you are looking for a church with such a simple purpose/plan, we would love for you to visit Crossroads and check us out!

We are always available to answer any questions you have, to help you understand the meaning of the gospel, or to show you how you can become an active part of Crossroads!

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Crossroads Baptist Academy

At Crossroads, we believe that education is essential in our modern world. We also believe that education should build in our students a biblical world-view. Because of this commitment to quality education and a biblical world-view, we have established both Crossroads Baptist Academy and Crossroads Baptist College.

Crossroads Baptist Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2007. This school has as its principle purpose the education of our students within the framework of true Christian principles. We believe that education is very important and that for children to be successful in this world that they need to have a great education. We also believe that a great education is only possible when it is combined with a strong biblical understanding of the world in which we live.Crossroads Baptist Academy was founded to provide its students just such a balance. We want all of our students to excel in the areas of their talents as well as in the understanding of God and his plan for this world. To this end we will work and labor forĀ all the students that God gives us to teach.If you are looking for this kind of education for your children and would like more information about Crossroads Baptist Academy just contact us a call and we will get anĀ information packet out to you right away.